Sunday, 11 October 2015

hair relaxer update

Hi dearies,
Sorry for being off blogging for months, really missed y'all. I relaxed my hair on saturday 10th October 2015 after 4 months stretch. But a night to my relaxer date, I prepare my hair by conditioning it  with Organics hair mayonnaise and sealed the strands with mixture of coconut oil and castor oil . My hair feels so soft after these treatment.
Fast forward to my hair relax day, I went to a hair salon because I find it difficult to relaxed the hair myself. I made sure that the relaxer don't sit for more than 15 mins as instructed in Profectiv mega growth relaxer.

I rinse off the relaxer with profectiv neutralising shampoo and conditioner respectively. Finally, I air dried my hair and can't really determine the length because it's not stretch with flat iron. I want to avoid heat for now. My next blog will be on my protein treatment to strengthen my strands weaken abit by relaxer. Do have a wonderful day. Love you!


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  2. Awww! Thanks allenjones. I am very happy it's helps to remedy ur hair shedding. Keep spreading the good news. I appreciate.

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