Wednesday, 10 June 2015

my hair relaxed after 4 months stretch

Hi dearie,
I relaxed my hair in February 2015 and decided to stretch it till today 10th June 2015. I pre pro my hair last night with coconut oil. Today I relaxed with profectiv mega growth relaxer. A hair stylist retouched only my newgrowth. Here is the new pic below. Though there is slight increase in length and I am aiming to get to bra length some day. Take care and have a nice day.

 June 2015 pix

 Febuary 2015


  1. Lovely! Thats what the female needs and the male wants it - a nice hair arrangement (for lack of words).

    I love your works here!

  2. Wow! Your hair really has grown within four months. Congrats!!

  3. Thanks dearie. Aiming for bra length level