Friday, 10 April 2015

Vitamins for hair growth

Hi dear,
I hope you had a wonderful easter celebration? Today I am discussing on vitamins that help in hair growth. Vitamins are minute organ compounds that are needed in the body for normal metabolism, growth and development. There are two class of vitamins, water soluble vitamins (vitamins B and C) and fat soluble vitamins(vitamin A, D, E and K).  Vitamins are not only useful for hair growth but our overall health.  Hair growth mostly depends on genes, hair care routine and diet. While we can't change our genes but malnutrition, certain diseases and improper hair care can slow our hair growth. Proper intake of vitamins and good hair care can go along way in making our hair luscious, softer and healthier.

vitamins that promotes hair growth

  •  folic acid or vitamin B9 it renews cells that helps in hair growth. It's deficiency causes premature hair graying and excessive hair loss.
  • Biotin or vitamin B7, it's is known to improve keratin protein structure found in the hair, nails and skin. Biotin should be taken in adequate amount because excessive intake can lead to delays insulin release, high blood sugar and lowers the level of vitamin C and B6 in the blood.
  • Vitamin C, is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps in strengthening and growth of the hair strands. Vit c is also know to increase the absorption of iron that keeps our hair strong and healthy. 
  •  Vitamin E, it stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation on the scalp.
  •  Vitamin D, it is known to prevents hair loss by increasing the life span of hair follicles. 
  • Vitamin A, it safeguard hair follicles against toxins or free radicals.
I hope you enjoyed today's discussion. Take care and have a spendid weekend.


  1. Pls can I know where to get there vitamins I know I can buy vitamin C from pharmaceutical stores Buh What about the rest?

    1. Thanks dear, you can as well purchase the other various vitamins I listed above in pharmacy outlets. they are supplements and a bit expensive. As they say good food na money make am. To maintain a healthy hair, it will cost money. Thanks dear

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