Thursday, 23 April 2015

Oils to relieve itchy scalp

Hi dearies,
Hope you are doing great today? Today's topic is on itchy scalp. Scratching your itchy scalp can be very frustrating and embarrassing in the public. Inflammation results from digging your nail to the scalp which might lead severe injury and infection.

Causes of itchy scalp

Your scalp may itch due to these reasons,
  • Dandruff: it is scientifically known to be caused by a fat-eating fungus called malassezia. It lives on the scalp of humans, malassezia is often known to feed on the oil  on the scalp. This effect leads to scalp dryness and also formation of white flakes or scales due to large accumulation of dead skin cells. The itchy sensation experience is from toxins produced by the fungus. 
  • An allergy reaction: itchy scalp is also commonly experienced from the use of  synthetic braid extensions, and weaves.The chemicals used to produce them triggers itchy scalp and discomfort. I frequently experience this anything I use any synthetic hair extension.
  • Another allergy reaction can also comes from a particular hair product. If you recently change to a new product and start experiencing itchy scalp, please discontinue the use of such product in your hair.
  • Poor hair care: not washing and clarifying your hair regularly can cause accumulation of oil and dead skin cells on the scalp. It cause scalp itchy.
  • Change of weather: here in Nigeria, our climate is mostly dry and rainy season. During dry season weather is hot, a lot of sweating can cause a lot of discomfort to the scalp. Sweat is an excretory product from the skin.
  • Lack of vitamins: deficiency of vitamin B, D, good oils and zinc. Absence of these nutrients in the body can cause itchy scalp as one of its symptoms.
  • Stress: stress leads to loss of hair straids and itchy scalp is one of the conditions. Psychological or physical stress makes your hair to begin to fall. These effect causes over production or hormonal imbalance of certain hormones as well as the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in the body. To avoid stress by exercise, meditation and enough sleep.

Oils to remedy itchy scalp

 Due to persistence of itchy scalp in some individuals, Luckily, there are few natural remedies to fight against itchy and scratching of scalp.
  • Peppermint oil: it is rich in anti-oxidants and also have an inflammatory properties. The menthol in peppermint oil has a smoothing effect on the scalp and prevent irritation. It's is advisable to mix peppermint oil with another oil before use on the scalp or few drops in water or shampoo during hair wash.
  • Coconut oil: it also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungi properties that helps to relief itchy scalp. Apply coconut oil to your scalp and massage gently. 
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera gel has a cooling property that resist the urge to scratch the scalp. It also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic functions. Aloe Vera gel is massage on the scalp, leave for overnight and wash off in the morning.
  • Tea tree oil: also has anti-fungal, antibotic and antiseptic properties. It's is used in most shampoos and hair conditioners.
  • Fish oil: it contains omega-3 fatty acids and  consume orally. Omega -3 fatty acid is found to contains anti-inflammatory property which is good to relieve itchy scalp.
  • Rosemary oil: it relieve dandruff and dry itchy scalp like the former oils. It has anti-viral properties. It can be mixed with other oil before use.
  • Jojoba oil: it also reduces irritation caused by itchy scalp.

Hope we learn a lot today? Feel free to make your contributions. Do have a great time. Take care.


  1. Hi dearie. What is the difference between conditioning and deep conditioning and what are the methods to go about for the two? Thanks

  2. Thanks for the question, the deep conditioner is not different from regular conditioner. The different is only that the deep conditioner has higher concentration of  fatty alcohols like stearyl or cetyl alcohol than the regular conditioner. ‎Deep conditioner are used for hair restorative treatment,hence they penetrate deeper into the hair shaft and hair follicle. They are heavier, they could weigh hair down if used daily. ‎While conditioner is also known as surface conditioner because it doesn't penetrate into the hair. It only sit on the hair surface no matter how long you leave it on the hair. It is only apply to soften and aids in detangling hair after shampoo.  Another difference between deep conditioner is the time it stays on the hair before rinse, deep conditioner stays from 15 minutes to hours before rinse. Regular conditioner stays between 1-5 minutes on the hair before it is rinse off. We really need both of them for a healthy hair care routine. 
    Finally, any of these type of conditioner can be used once you shampoo your hair. Tanks once again

  3. Thank you for replying me!