Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to moisturise and seal a relaxed hair

Hi dearies,
I hope you'all are doing great today? Today's topic is on moisturising and sealing of our hair. This method is very crucial in retaining the hair length and growth. Moisturisers keeps our hair hydrated while sealants retains the moisture in our hair. There are order in application of moisture and sealant to our hair. These steps are LOC and LCO, these acronyms stands for liquid-oil-cream and liquid-cream-oil respectively. The preferably method I love is LCO, it works perfectly well for me.

Steps for LCO method

  • "L" stands for liquid which is water, a natural moisturiser.  It's is applied on a dry hair with water spray bottle shown in picture below.

Ensure that whole hair is damp with water not too wet.

  •  "C" stands for cream, cream provides a thick layer aiding extra hydration. Cream creats softness as well as sealing in the moisture to the hair. It's application is divide the hair into four sections and apply your leave-in-conditioner. There are various leave-in-conditioner in stores. I personally use profectiv mega growth and organics olive products as also shown below.

  •  "O" which stands for oil serves as a lubricant and seal in the both layer of cream and moisture to the hair. This prevents the hair from drying. Apply any oil or mixture of oils of  your choice as a sealant, gently comb and style as usual. You are good to go because your hair remains moisturised all day.
Please note that the application of excess cream or oil can weigh your hair down. Apply the products in small quantity. I hope you enjoyed today's topic. Feel free to ask any question here or to my email. Take care.


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  2. Nice, my problem is getting spray bottles really difficult to find

    1. Hi dearie u can get it from online stores or u look for a finished spray product that u can open and wash out the contents before use. Thanks for stopping by. Takia

  3. Hello Vivian. Could you please do some on how to maintain natural hair(no relaxer). Plus tips on growimg frontal hair

  4. Hi dear, the routine in the maintenance of natural or virgin hair is the same as the relaxed one. Just for more effective hair treatment,you will buy products strictly for virgin hairs like African Naturalistas products example African Naturalistas deep conditioning mayonnaise and their leave-in product too. Don't shampoo ur hair often since u wash ur hair everyday at bath. For tips on growing frontal hair mix castor oil with coconut oil and apply to the hair regularly. I believe in a month's time you will notice growth on your frontal hair line. Don't do anything that will stress the frontal hair like braiding etc. Thanks and takia