Thursday, 23 April 2015

Oils to relieve itchy scalp

Hi dearies,
Hope you are doing great today? Today's topic is on itchy scalp. Scratching your itchy scalp can be very frustrating and embarrassing in the public. Inflammation results from digging your nail to the scalp which might lead severe injury and infection.

Causes of itchy scalp

Your scalp may itch due to these reasons,
  • Dandruff: it is scientifically known to be caused by a fat-eating fungus called malassezia. It lives on the scalp of humans, malassezia is often known to feed on the oil  on the scalp. This effect leads to scalp dryness and also formation of white flakes or scales due to large accumulation of dead skin cells. The itchy sensation experience is from toxins produced by the fungus. 
  • An allergy reaction: itchy scalp is also commonly experienced from the use of  synthetic braid extensions, and weaves.The chemicals used to produce them triggers itchy scalp and discomfort. I frequently experience this anything I use any synthetic hair extension.
  • Another allergy reaction can also comes from a particular hair product. If you recently change to a new product and start experiencing itchy scalp, please discontinue the use of such product in your hair.
  • Poor hair care: not washing and clarifying your hair regularly can cause accumulation of oil and dead skin cells on the scalp. It cause scalp itchy.
  • Change of weather: here in Nigeria, our climate is mostly dry and rainy season. During dry season weather is hot, a lot of sweating can cause a lot of discomfort to the scalp. Sweat is an excretory product from the skin.
  • Lack of vitamins: deficiency of vitamin B, D, good oils and zinc. Absence of these nutrients in the body can cause itchy scalp as one of its symptoms.
  • Stress: stress leads to loss of hair straids and itchy scalp is one of the conditions. Psychological or physical stress makes your hair to begin to fall. These effect causes over production or hormonal imbalance of certain hormones as well as the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals in the body. To avoid stress by exercise, meditation and enough sleep.

Oils to remedy itchy scalp

 Due to persistence of itchy scalp in some individuals, Luckily, there are few natural remedies to fight against itchy and scratching of scalp.
  • Peppermint oil: it is rich in anti-oxidants and also have an inflammatory properties. The menthol in peppermint oil has a smoothing effect on the scalp and prevent irritation. It's is advisable to mix peppermint oil with another oil before use on the scalp or few drops in water or shampoo during hair wash.
  • Coconut oil: it also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungi properties that helps to relief itchy scalp. Apply coconut oil to your scalp and massage gently. 
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera gel has a cooling property that resist the urge to scratch the scalp. It also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic functions. Aloe Vera gel is massage on the scalp, leave for overnight and wash off in the morning.
  • Tea tree oil: also has anti-fungal, antibotic and antiseptic properties. It's is used in most shampoos and hair conditioners.
  • Fish oil: it contains omega-3 fatty acids and  consume orally. Omega -3 fatty acid is found to contains anti-inflammatory property which is good to relieve itchy scalp.
  • Rosemary oil: it relieve dandruff and dry itchy scalp like the former oils. It has anti-viral properties. It can be mixed with other oil before use.
  • Jojoba oil: it also reduces irritation caused by itchy scalp.

Hope we learn a lot today? Feel free to make your contributions. Do have a great time. Take care.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

How to moisturise and seal a relaxed hair

Hi dearies,
I hope you'all are doing great today? Today's topic is on moisturising and sealing of our hair. This method is very crucial in retaining the hair length and growth. Moisturisers keeps our hair hydrated while sealants retains the moisture in our hair. There are order in application of moisture and sealant to our hair. These steps are LOC and LCO, these acronyms stands for liquid-oil-cream and liquid-cream-oil respectively. The preferably method I love is LCO, it works perfectly well for me.

Steps for LCO method

  • "L" stands for liquid which is water, a natural moisturiser.  It's is applied on a dry hair with water spray bottle shown in picture below.

Ensure that whole hair is damp with water not too wet.

  •  "C" stands for cream, cream provides a thick layer aiding extra hydration. Cream creats softness as well as sealing in the moisture to the hair. It's application is divide the hair into four sections and apply your leave-in-conditioner. There are various leave-in-conditioner in stores. I personally use profectiv mega growth and organics olive products as also shown below.

  •  "O" which stands for oil serves as a lubricant and seal in the both layer of cream and moisture to the hair. This prevents the hair from drying. Apply any oil or mixture of oils of  your choice as a sealant, gently comb and style as usual. You are good to go because your hair remains moisturised all day.
Please note that the application of excess cream or oil can weigh your hair down. Apply the products in small quantity. I hope you enjoyed today's topic. Feel free to ask any question here or to my email. Take care.

Monday, 13 April 2015

The secret of a longer relaxed hair

Hi dear,
The secret of a healthier longer relaxed hair is to understand the nature of our hair strands. Being an African from Nigeria, the nature of our hair strands are known to be tiny curl helix shape. It's grows approximately between 0.5-1 inch per month. Over the years, our hair is process with chemical relaxers to make it straight. These relaxer treatment denatures  the keratin protein of the hair, changing the basic nature of hair shaft by losing its elasticity and strength. These effects causes more harm to our hair strands making it weak and prone to breakage. It is very important to undergo a deep condition treatment before and after relaxer treatment. This helps to replace a lost protein and nutients that aids in the growth and strength of the hair.
The secret of a healthy relaxed hair are as following

  • Limit the use of relaxers- it is adviced to relaxed our hair every 3 months or more. It helps to keep the hair strands stronger and healthier.
  • Low manipulation- avoid excessive combing of hair because it leads to excessive breakage and shedding of hair. Wear a protective style like buns, braids etc.
  • Take a lot of water, fruits and vegetables. Water helps to moisturised the hair, fruits and vegetables provides nutrients and vitamins that aids in hair growth.
  • Apply conditioner- deep conditioning after washing and co-washing the hair is a must. Conditioners helps to soften the texture of our hair.
  • Regular exercise- daily exercise do not only makes us fit but increase the blood flow in the scalp, thereby providing adequate amount of oxygen and nutrients to our hair follicles for hair growth.
  • Regular hair wash- washing our hair once a week helps to remove excess build up residues on the hair shaft.
  • Use of moisturizers- good hair oils such as glycerine, olive oil, coconut oil etc helps to retain moisture on the hair shaft, prevents hair from drying and brittle. 
  • Regular trimming of hair tips- after relaxer, trimming of hair helps to improve the thickness of our hair over time. It removes the weakest part of our hair which is the tip and minimise hair breakage. 

Here is a picture of my hair. Thanks and have a great day.

Friday, 10 April 2015

Vitamins for hair growth

Hi dear,
I hope you had a wonderful easter celebration? Today I am discussing on vitamins that help in hair growth. Vitamins are minute organ compounds that are needed in the body for normal metabolism, growth and development. There are two class of vitamins, water soluble vitamins (vitamins B and C) and fat soluble vitamins(vitamin A, D, E and K).  Vitamins are not only useful for hair growth but our overall health.  Hair growth mostly depends on genes, hair care routine and diet. While we can't change our genes but malnutrition, certain diseases and improper hair care can slow our hair growth. Proper intake of vitamins and good hair care can go along way in making our hair luscious, softer and healthier.

vitamins that promotes hair growth

  •  folic acid or vitamin B9 it renews cells that helps in hair growth. It's deficiency causes premature hair graying and excessive hair loss.
  • Biotin or vitamin B7, it's is known to improve keratin protein structure found in the hair, nails and skin. Biotin should be taken in adequate amount because excessive intake can lead to delays insulin release, high blood sugar and lowers the level of vitamin C and B6 in the blood.
  • Vitamin C, is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps in strengthening and growth of the hair strands. Vit c is also know to increase the absorption of iron that keeps our hair strong and healthy. 
  •  Vitamin E, it stimulates hair growth by increasing blood circulation on the scalp.
  •  Vitamin D, it is known to prevents hair loss by increasing the life span of hair follicles. 
  • Vitamin A, it safeguard hair follicles against toxins or free radicals.
I hope you enjoyed today's discussion. Take care and have a spendid weekend.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Bad effect of petroleum products on the hair

Hi dearies,
Happy Easter to y'all. Christ has risen, defected death and kingdom of darkness. Alleluya!
Today, I am discussing about the bad effect of petroleum products on our hair strands.  Yes, petroleum and others such as paraffin oil, mineral oil found in some hair care products. We all know that petroleum jelly is a semi-solid mixture of hydrocarbons, having a melting -point usually within a few degrees of human body temperature. Petroleum only provides temporary solution for making hair looks sleek and shiny.

Bad effect of petroleum jelly of hair
  • petroleum lacks necessary vitamins needed on the hair for growth.
  • Mineral oil in petroleum accumulates on the scalp, prevent hair follicle from breathing and taking in moisture, hence slowing hair growth. 
  • The build up on the hair strands holds dust and other residues, which makes hair to appear dull and unhealthy over time. 
  •  Lastly, with continuous use, the hair will becomes thirsty and eventually dry out and making it more prone to breakage and damage.
 Use hair care products containing organic natural plants oil such as argan oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, tea tree oil, amla oil, carrot oil, castro oil etc. If you get a products blended with these oils, it will be more benefits to your hair.

  1. Stops hair breakage, split ends and excessive shedding.
  2. Does not leave any residue on the scalp.
  3. Promotes hair thickness and growth.
  4. Strengthens the hair strands during heat treatment.
  5. Provides essential nutrients needed for hair growth.
  6. Gives hair a silky and shiny look.
  7. Makes hair more manageable to handle.
Thanks and have a wonderful a easter celebration.