Thursday, 26 March 2015

oils that work miracle on every hair

Hi dearies,
I hope y'all are doing great? Today I am discussing about some of the oils that can promote hair growth and also strengthen the hair strands to become thick,more healthier and fuller.
These oils don't work magic overnight but you have to be patience and diligence while using them on your hair as well as your skin. A healthier hair will be notable within few weeks or months. Depend on how fast the growth of one's hair strand.

  • Castor oil; it strengthen, grow and restore hair. If you have thinning hair line, castor oil is the best option to regrow hair. 
  • Olive oil  is a natural hair conditioner. It also prevents excessive hair loss, has anti-bacteria and anti-fungi properties. It gets rid of dandruff and frizzy hair. Keeps hair soft and shinning.
  • Shea butter revitalise hair strands because it contains a lot of vitamins that helps to promote hair growth by reducing dryness and breakage.
  •  Coconut oil also prevents hair loss and protect against enviromental impurties and excess heat usage on the hair.
  • Jojoba oil as a conditioner helps to add shine, elasticity and softness to the hair. It also have anti dandruff properties. It repairs damaged hair strands caused by strain and heat.
  • Tea tree oil has a natural antiseptic property. It is also a good scalp treatment for reliving dandruff. 
  • Argan oil hydrates the hair by lock in moisture. It improves thickness of the hair texture.
  • Pepper mint is a remedy oil for itchy scalp. Argan oil also stimulates increase in blood flow to the hair follicles and this effect increases hair growth.
  • Avogado oil like the former oils promotes hair growth by moisturising hair strands , heals dry and damage hair.

These are the essential oils needed to grow a healthy black hair. There are many more I didn't mention today. I will discuss it some other time. Do have a spendid day. Love you more.

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