Friday, 20 March 2015

how to keep a relaxed hair healthy

formerly i love relaxing my hair monthly. i cant stand maintaining my new growth hair. my hair kept becoming very bad with excess breakage. ever since i read few blogs like and my hair not only getting longer but fuller.

how to keep a relaxed hair healthy
  • relaxed your hair at least every 3 months or more.
  • deep condition your hair every week
  • apply leave-in-conditioner on your hair daily
  • trim the weak ends of the hair every 6 months after relaxer
  • avoid tight braiding, it breaks the hair
i sincerely hope, you learn alot today. next blog will be how to deep condition hair. catch ya later.


  1. Good work!
    But a little sparse and scanty.
    You aren't telling me anything I don't already know.
    Try and elaborate more ok. It is well and don't be discouraged.

    1. Thanks fumni. Your contribution will help me to get a lot better. I appreciate

  2. I agree with funmi, we all have done some research too so b a little bit precise n we also need to see photos for encouragement

  3. Ok dear. I will work on it. Thanks so much

  4. Can I apply a leave-in conditioner when I'm wearing braids?

  5. Hi dearie, thanks for dis wonderful question. In my own opinion I prefer u mix little amount of coconut oil, castro oil or any oil of your choice with water in a spray bottle. Spray d mixture to the braid daily. Applying a leave-in daily conditioner will give your braid a dull look. It's preferably to be use only on your natural hair.